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A BookTube is a video about a book - see what we did there? Combined Book (evoking a book) with Tube (conveying the idea of a video screen) to suggest a Video about a Book - clever huh! Oh well, please yourself.
  Of course, we're using the word 'video' rather loosely (so it could be an animation, live action, graphics, or even an interactive experience) and 'book' too come to that (so it could be anything from a self-contained short story to a multi-volume or even multi-media publication).
  But what we hope will be consistent is the entertainment value. We want you to enjoy each BookTube and we want you to share them with your friends. And of course, we hope that you'll like the BookTube enough to buy the book!


How to use

When you visit the BookTube website, our home page will always jump straight to the latest BookTube. But you can always click on the Archive button to browse through every BookTube on our server - you can browse by book title (choose ) or in reverse chronological order (choose ). If you know what you want you can also go straight to the BookTube by selecting it from the dropdown menus for or , or search using the dropdown menus for or .
  Once you've found a BookTube to watch there may be a choice of formats (usually Flash or QuickTime ). Usually a BookTube will autoplay once you've chosen your preferred format. When you've watched it you can click on the buttons below it which may include some of the following:


takes you to the author's own website

Book website

takes you to the book's website


takes you to the publisher's website

Buy the Book

takes you to a page where you can buy the book from a range of retailers

Tell a friend

takes you to a page where you can send an email to a friend to let them know about this BookTube, including a link so they can see it straightaway

Get link

takes you to a page where you can copy a link to paste into your own website, email, blog or even MySpace page to direct your friends to this BookTube


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