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BookTube was born out of a need to develop an online trailer cum teaser for the first title published by Alnpete Press - Library of the Soul by Simon Buck. From the very close and effective relationship that was thus engendered between the publisher's editorial and marketing teams, the author, and our creative team, it became clear that this should be more than just a one-off collaboration. Hence that trailer became the first BookTube. More will follow from this unique melding of new and traditional media.
  Despite our existing committments to develop a BookTube for each new Alnpete Press title, we are happy - indeed keen - to work with other publishers and/or authors to develop teasers, trailers and other 'viral' marketing collateral. We firmly believe this is a valuable and cost-effective route to develop markets and promote awareness of book titles, especially for smaller, independent, presses who have restricted budgets and reduced access to many of the other channels in which the global publishing houses can easily dominate.
  We can:

   • work with your own script or develop one for you;
   • create original graphics or use your own supplied artwork;
   • develop teaser/trailer as Flash or QuickTime (some other formats too - ask);
   • develop interactive Flash 'games

Each BookTube is hosted on our server in a dedicated folder identified by ISBN - allowing easy direct access from your own web site or via links (e.g. in an email, on a blog, or in your own MySpace profile) as well as being included in our own archive and feature access pages. The most recent BookTube is always featured as our home page. Access to every BookTube is free to our visitors. A standard BookTube page can include links to the author's website, the book's website, and the publisher's website, as well as a page of links to allow visitors to buy teh book from various retailers around the world, and a page to allow a visitor to email the BookTube link to a friend, or paste a link into their own webpage.

If you are an author, agent or publisher and you want to discuss how BookTube could help your book, please contact us at

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